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Monthly Events

Our membership meetings and board meetings are held at the Maxine and Edward L. Baker building at Texas Wesleyan University, 3021 E. Rosedale St., Fort Worth, TX. We meet there the second Monday of each month. Board meetings start at 6:30pm and the membership meetings at 7:00pm. The meetings will end at 10:00pm.

Join us for some fellowship with a lively crowd of Mensans, and a main event (usually a speaker). A map to the Maxine and Edward L. Baker building at Texas Wesleyan University is available below.

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Our Next Meeting.

Join us Monday, February 13, at 7 PM for Food, Friends and Fun! In addition to refreshments, we will have a chocolate tasting, a games tasting, and a surprise tasting! The chocolate tasting is self-explanatory, and the surprise tasting is just that -- a surprise!

But you may be wondering, "What is a games tasting?" The games tasting will allow you to sample the flavors of different types of games - a few minutes at a time. Whether you like working with words, solving problems, developing strategies, racing against the clock, or building things; someone has designed a game to match your interests.

So, join us February 13 at 7 PM for Food, Friends, and Fun to sample some chocolate, some games and... something else.

Mensa 76 is the official branch of American Mensa for Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding area (almost all parts of Texas with zip codes starting with "76"). Here is a map of Mensa 76's coverage.

Mensa 76 hosts a variety of events to encourage social connections with other Mensans and help stimulate the minds of our members. Non-members are welcome to attend events to meet local Mensans, learn what Mensa is about, and get a feel for the local chapter before joining.

Emerald Award
We need volunteers

Volunteers Needed

The following positions are still open and need to be filled:
  • Program Coordinator
  • Proctor
  • Scholarship Chair

Most positions only require 1-2 hours per month.

Contact David McCallister 817-988-3283 or david.mccallister(at)


Map to the Maxine and Edward L. Baker building at Texas Wesleyan University


An Interactive map to our monthly meeting.
You can zoom in and get directions to the fun!

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