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Read the current issue of The Spirit of 76, the monthly publication of Mensa 76. April 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to Mensa 76

Mensa 76 is the official branch of American Mensa for Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding area (almost all parts of Texas with zip codes starting with "76"). Here is a map of Mensa 76's coverage.

Mensa 76 hosts a variety of events to encourage social connections with other Mensans and help stimulate the minds of our members. Non-members are welcome to attend events to meet local Mensans, learn what Mensa is about, and get a feel for the local chapter before joining.

Monthly Events

We bid farewell to our home of the past. On Monday April 14, 2014 we had the last meeting that would be held at the Coors' Hospitality Room. Effective next month our membership meetings and board meetings will be held at the Lake Arlington Branch Library at 4000 W. Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX. We will continue to meet there the second Monday of each month. Board meetings will start at 6:00pm and the membership meetings at 6:30pm. The meetings will end shortly before 8:00pm to allow us to stow the chairs, tables, etc.

Join us for some fellowship with a lively crowd of Mensans, and a main event (usually a speaker). A map to the Lake Arlington Library is available below.

Visit the Events section to learn about other upcoming events.



This month our speaker is award-winning Texas journalist and New York Times best-selling author Jim Marrs. He will present "All You Need to Know About the Kennedy Assassination." Marrs will look behind the documentaries and retrospectives and lay out facts of the case overlooked or ignored by both the corporate mass media and the government inquiries that point to the culprits. Don’t miss this one.

Did you know the only way that youth aged 13 and under can qualify for membership into Mensa is by submitting scores from previously taken intelligence tests? Many school districts nationwide administer these intelligence tests. Submit your prior test scores between now and March 31, and you will receive your test review for just $20..


Map to the Lake Arlington Branch of the Arlington Public Library

An Interactive map to our monthly meeting.
You can zoom in and get directions to the fun!

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